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编辑:Motorcycle Igniter C 点击量:2486

Motorcycle igniter glue can use customized glue dispensing machine to meet higher demand. Motorcycle igniter needs to use rotating glue dispensing technology, need to use glue dispensing die for rotating igniter, so that the glue will be more uniform, and.



编辑:吴交易 点击量:2577

Plastic steel doors and windows bonding using dispensing equipment is no longer unfamiliar, our system specializes in the production of dispensing equipment used in this area, belongs to a non-standard automatic dispensing machine, can be used for one-tim.



编辑:吴交易 点击量:3508

Plastic case dispensing using small threaded pneumatic dispensing machine as production equipment, will meet the needs of plastic case using glue, glue can determine the quality of products, we must consider the type of glue used, use threaded glue as pro.



编辑:Terminal connector d 点击量:177

Terminal connector dispensing requirements are not very high, you can choose the corresponding automatic dispensing machine dispensing, with 3131 dispensing valve dispensing, because the size of terminal connector is not very large, so small recommendatio.



编辑:Horn outer ring seal 点击量:118

Horn outer ring sealant is also a relatively common one. From manual dispensing to machine dispensing, it belongs to a process change and progress. Artificial dispensing of horn outer ring is particularly easy to get glue to the voice coil, which will aff.



编辑:Phosphor Dispensing 点击量:2119

Fluorescent powder dispensing needs to use a special dispensing valve, which is called the glue-filling valve in the market. It can use the glue with poor fluidity, such as the phosphor used in LED lamps. When it is added to the glue, it will increase the.



编辑:Lamp holder electron 点击量:1841

Lamp holder electronic dispensing is a type of LED dispensing industry, and our neutral automation equipment in the LED dispensing industry is also quite successful, but also applied to a number of LED dispensing industry dispensing, such as: LED beads, L.



编辑:Glue curing 点击量:1909

There are many reasons for glue curing. Only by analyzing the causes of glue curing can we solve them one by one. Analyzing the causes of glue curing with you will help you solve the glue problem. It can also improve the glue usage rate, which is a two-fo.



编辑:Paint 点击量:1746

In the dispensing industry, there are currently three ways of painting, namely manual version, automatic version and full automatic version. First, manual operation, no machine, second, paint automatic completion, but the need for staff to replace product.



编辑:Ceramic heater dispe 点击量:1759

Guide: Ceramic heater dispensing can be done in two ways. The first way is to use manual hot melt dispensing machine, while the second way is the way I solemnly introduce below, automatic dispensing method, using automatic dispensing equipment, to complet.

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