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Mobile touch screen dispensing can use precision dispensing machine. Have you ever known what a real high precision dispensing equipment is? Today, I will show you how to finish the dispensing effect of touch screen dispensing and mobile dispensing techno.



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Buying large flow dispensing needle directly from the manufacturer is the lowest price, why? Major manufacturers did not raise prices, but the demand can not be too small, small production costs are higher, and it is not easy to sell again, so the price w.



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In fact, there are several methods for dispensing hanging tags, because hanging tags include many types, so the technology used will certainly be different, for example, the glue used for dispensing baggage hanging tags is PVC glue, while the hanging tags.



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How to quickly complete the dispensing effect of automobile sensor, of course, using automatic large dispensing machine can produce multiple automobile sensors at the same time, one by one production mode will be put into the product process, loss time, r.



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The dispensing of hot pot socket is not a simple problem. The main task of dispensing is to achieve product stability. The selection of dispensing equipment is very important. It is also important to understand the operation problems. If you can not meet .



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Which type of machine and glue can be selected for the sealant of reversing radar sensor to help product quality? It is a success that we choose an AB glue to bond the material used for the reversing radar sensor, which can improve the quality of the glue.



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Back-up camera is a very small product, size specifications are generally about 1cm * 1cm, which adhesive precision needs to achieve how high to meet the requirements, this is not dispensing accuracy 1cm, and the overall size is 1cm, machine dispensing ac.



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The main board spray glue can use two kinds of technologies. First, non-contact dispensing technology, second, spray technology, the first technology can carry out parts dispensing, and the second is spray film, that is, to protect the motherboard from du.



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The radiator rotor dispensing knows which dispenser is the best and the best way to save costs. This industry for dispensing requirements are not very high, so can consider the multi-head dispensing method, while completing several products dispensing...



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The role of silicone rubber is better, applied in the industry can be sealed, dispensing, filling rubber, but to play the role of silicone rubber needs to understand its characteristics and use the requirements of dispensing machine, in understanding the .

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