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Pneumatic: The filling valve consists of three parts: cylinder, body and material cylinder. The cylinder and valve body are separated by stainless steel or segmented way to avoid glue contamination of the cylinder. The cylinder and material cylinder are c.



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Although the glue coating machine seems to be a very simple mechanical device. But it also needs certain technical content to use well, especially in the installation process of the glue coating machine, if there are errors in the installation, it is easy.



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Hot melt dispenser is mainly used for sealing and bonding of electronic products such as mobile phones, notebooks and mobile phone shells. It is not only waterproof and sealed, but also dustproof, shockproof, adhesive and insulation. Hot melt adhesive is .



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The most fundamental reason why dispensing machine can not keep glue is that the seals are not leaking, and the suction of the leak valve does not play any role, which will lead to bad glue recovery and leakage. Glue will be the problem mentioned above. W.



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With the continuous improvement of automobile manufacturing technology and peoples requirements, new energy vehicles are included in the production of most automobile enterprises, and peoples daily application is also increasing. The electric vehicle driv.



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The function of the trumpet mixing pipe used in the automatic glue filling machine is very simple. Only two functions are needed to control the amount of glue produced and improve the mixing degree of the two components glue. If there are other functions,.



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The automatic dispensing machine has the functions of high viscosity, small glue point, and wire drawing phenomenon controlled. If the viscosity of the automatic dispenser is small, the glue may infiltrate into the product. Therefore, the adaptive viscosi.



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For automation equipment, attention must be paid to the operation details. If the operation is not good, it will lead to problems of the equipment used. For example, the poor operation details of high-speed dispensing machine will affect the operation per.



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1 glue volume According to working experience, the problem of dispensing equipment is mainly related to the amount of glue. The diameter of the adhesive spot should be half of the distance between the pads, and the diameter of the adhesive spot after patc.



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Why use quick-drying glue dispenser? Improve work efficiency, dispensing environment and quality of dispensing Precision control of glue volume, avoid excessive glue waste, automatic removal of glue to prevent needle clogging Compared with ordinary stainl.

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