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It is recommended to use the visual dispensing machine for this problem, mainly because of its high dispensing efficiency and precise control. The visual positioning technology of the visual dispensing machine is of great help when dispensing the insole. .



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The backdraft of automatic dispensing machine is a common phenomenon, especially the high viscosity glue, especially for some products. Because the process requirements must use the glue with high viscosity, the high viscosity of glue often leads to w...



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With the development and application of automation equipment, automatic dispensing equipment and applications in various industries are gradually widespread. Common applications include electronics industry, digital electronics industry, new energy eq...



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What is the requirement of spray dispenser for rubber? In fact, dispensing machine and glue can not be separated, the quality of glue will affect the dispensing effect of jet dispensing machine to a certain extent, so no matter what type of jet dispen...



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After many customers have purchased visual dispensing machine equipment, with the increase of dispensing product types, the amount of glue used is different, and the glue ordered by different products is also different. How to choose needles in these ...



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Glue filling technology In the conversation with many customers, many customers asked about the filling technology of the automatic glue filling machine. Heres a small part of the system to talk about the filling technology. Now a large number of manufact.



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Glue filling of LED copper lamp Most of the current LED lights are used outdoors, so they need to be waterproof, and they need to be filled with glue. There will be a small hole in the middle of the LED lamp. The diameter of the hole is usually very small.



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1. Silica gel automatic dispensing machine can be used for dispensing bonding of PVC soft gel, microelectronics and other silica gel series products, such as: mobile phone shell, handicraft dispensing, mobile phone jewelry, mobile phone base, anti-sta...



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What are the functions of ultraviolet dispenser? As the name implies, ultraviolet dispensing machine is an automatic dispensing device suitable for ultraviolet glue dispensing. However, in addition to ultraviolet glue, ultraviolet dispenser is also su...



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The glue-filling equipment suitable for two-component AB glue has the characteristics of accurate glue control and stable glue production. Next, I will talk about the application advantages of double liquid filling machine. Dual-liquid glue dispensing...

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