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Many customers often ask about the debugging of automatic dispensing equipment. In fact, debugging is not difficult. However, it is not easy to master the professional level. Generally, professional technicians are needed to guide the debugging and se...



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Silica gel dispensing equipment is a kind of special equipment used for automobile lamp and automobile parts. It can be used for dispensing high-grade automobile parts, accurately dispensing automobile parts, such as light-emitting diode fog lamp, lig...



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Platform dispenser is a kind of platform or desktop type. Its size is relatively small. It can be directly placed on the desktop or cabinet shelf for coating and dispensing. The platform dispensing machine has strong control adaptability and can be ap...



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Working principle of automatic dispensing machine: The working principle of the automatic dispensing machine is as follows. The compressed air is fed into the rubber bottle (syringe), and the rubber is pressed into the feeding pipe connected with the ...



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Automatic dispensing machine has many functions. According to the location glue process, it has a variety of styles. All automatic dispensing equipment can be divided into four categories. Next, we will introduce the classification of dispensers in de...



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LED display screen glue-filling machine is an application equipment in the production process. With the application of mechanical equipment, the original manual glue-filling production mode has gradually been replaced by automatic glue-filling equipme...



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The amount of glue produced in quick-drying glue dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine is very important, and the control method of the amount of glue produced is very important, because it directly affects the quality of product glue. I...



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Automatic glue coating machine has been developed in China for more than ten years. Some people say that the glue machine market is becoming smaller and smaller, and the market is almost saturated, which makes it more difficult for manufacturers to do thi.



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Whether the automatic dispensing machine can apply glue is directly related to the effect of glue control. Only when there are no bubbles in the dispensing syringe can the dispensing process be carried out evenly. Bubbles can cause problems such as wire d.



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Many automatic machines are involved in the automobile production process, such as automotive electronics including many applications of automatic glue coating machine, automotive body electronic control device and automotive body electronic control devic.

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