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Why use quick-drying glue dispenser? Improve work efficiency, dispensing environment and quality of dispensing Precision control of glue volume, avoid excessive glue waste, automatic removal of glue to prevent needle clogging Compared with ordinary stainl.



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The dispensing control of automatic dispensing machine and glue filling machine is a common problem in packaging industry. The quantity of dispensing glue and the application time of filling glue have an effect on the quality of packaging products. 1. Pre.



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Are you still worried about dispensing as a consumer? Are you still using manual dispensing? Manual dispensing not only wastes raw materials, but also has a bad effect. It often wastes a lot in maintaining a clean shell. Have you ever thought of replacing.



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In recent years, with the rapid development of automation equipment, the degree of automation is relatively high. In the past few years, every part of automatic dispensing machine has been upgraded continuously, the function of intelligent recognition of .



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The dispensing technology of automatic dispensing machine is widely used in microelectronic packaging technology, such as chip bonding, chip flip-flop, chip-level packaging and system integration packaging. These are key skills in common electronics manuf.



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Visual dispensing machine is mainly used for dispensing COB electronic products. It adopts the static form of servo motor + ball screw, adopts computer control with charge coupled device assistant type compilation and teaching performance to enable coordi.



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Dispensing is a process, also known as gluing, gluing, pouring, dropping, etc. It is the application, packaging and dropping of electronic glue, oil or other liquids onto the product, so that the product can achieve the effect of gluing together. Incl...



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In the field of home application, many automatic dispensing machines are very suitable, including household flower spraying and gluing. They can be operated by automatic dispensing machines. For example, the desktop automatic dispensing machine we now pro.



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Which equipment can be used for silver glue? According to the type of silver glue sprayer distribution, there are three ways, if the dispensing method, there are two ways, respectively, say how these types of machine effect, for your choice of silver glue.



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Constant control system and PLC dispensing system belong to the system type commonly used in dispensing industry. Any dispensing equipment needs to be equipped with one of two systems to carry out the motion path of silver dispensing or programmed jet dis.

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