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Glue filling is a kind of technology that can be realized by automatic dispensing machine. In order to fix and not affect the appearance, some industries will leave gaps and fill glue to achieve the device of bonding and fixing, which will not affect the .



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Solder paste dispensing scheme of PCB board by automatic dispensing machine It is no longer a scarce thing to use automation equipment for solder paste dispensing of Pcb boards. Many manufacturers will choose automatic solder dispensing machine and automa.



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The glue speed control is very important to the dispensing technology. According to the current dispensing requirements, the glue speed control requirements are stricter, and the dispensing equipment used is the same. There are two kinds of equipment whic.



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Low temperature resistant glue can meet the low temperature of - 100 camera degree, which is a technological breakthrough, and can carry out low temperature resistant glue coating and dispensing machine types, our manufacturers of dispensing machine produ.



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Fully automatic intelligent vision system is also produced by our manufacturers of dispensing machines. Although we do not want to say that it has not reached the high-end of foreign countries, the fact is that the fully automatic intelligent vision syste.



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Silicone sleeve is also a product type often used in dispensing industry. Arent there many 330 ml silicone or glass glue in the market? Push dispensing is not uniform for accuracy control and can not achieve the desired dispensing effect. We developed a s.



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There is something to be noticed in the use of foam glue. Unlike manual use, automatic dispensing machine needs to pay more attention to its effect. Because foam glue is foamed, the amount of foam glue needed to be controlled. After foaming, glue will swe.



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The size selection of dispensing needle is manual and automatic. The choice of manual dispensing and automatic dispensing is different. Because the two dispensing methods are different, the size of dispensing needle is the same. At present, according to t.



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Although the assembly of piston pressure barrel is a simple matter, even without instructions, it will be able to figure out how to assemble after a while, but this will affect the dispensing work, why so to say, the use of pressure barrel is to store glu.



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If you want to know something, you must know what it is, what role it can play, and what skills it has. In order to understand a product thoroughly, what Xiaobian wants to say is the electric stirring dispensing valve, and the principle of the stirring di.

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