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The operation principle of hot melt glue dispensing is very simple, but there are several more procedures than the general automatic dispensing machine, and it is not as difficult as imagined. However, the operation of hot melt glue needs to pay attention.



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There are several heating methods for hot melt adhesives, although they are all electric heating methods, but the types of machines used are different. There are two heating methods for hot melt adhesives in dispensing industry. First, manual dispensing m.



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There are two types of glue for hot melt adhesives. First, ordinary hot melt adhesives and second, PUR adhesives. How to choose PUR adhesives? Three points need to be noticed: first, their own glue demand, second, glue model, third, glue functionality, ac.



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LED light curtain dispensing requires high dispensing accuracy. According to the needs of product coating, red dispensing machine can be selected to achieve dispensing requirements. This is a visual automatic dispensing machine with high-precision dispens.



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Have you ever used red glue for patches? Do you know the requirements for its use? Usually used in the electronic industry, the development of integrated circuit technology can be said to be changing with each passing day, many integrated boards are very .



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Red glue and hot melt glue have opposite characteristics. One needs to be heated to dispense glue, the other needs to be heated to solidify. Red glue has the same characteristics. It can only be dispensed after dispensing and then heated. How much can the.



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Generally, inductance coil can be used in inductance circuit. If there is no protection in the production environment, the inductance coil will break completely in a short period of time, so it can no longer bring its effect into play. Therefore, it is ne.



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There are many kinds of glue-coating and sealing methods, but there are not many ways to achieve the precision level. At present, the glue-coating methods can be divided into several categories: manual glue-coating machine, automatic glue-dripping machine.



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The use of dispensing equipment in loudspeaker industry is already a common way. In order to be fixed, dispensing equipment is needed in loudspeaker voice coil. The sound quality is also improved. The combination of voice coil and sound film is stable, th.



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The technology of automatic gluing and bonding has been developed, and it is no longer the world of manual glue dispensing. Now all kinds of glue will be matched with various dispensing equipment. Hot melt glue has automatic hot melt glue dispensing machi.

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