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The technology of automatic gluing and bonding has been developed, and it is no longer the world of manual glue dispensing. Now all kinds of glue will be matched with various dispensing equipment. Hot melt glue has automatic hot melt glue dispensing machi.



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Coating equipment can realize a variety of dispensing technology, mainly because of the three-axis manipulator, using three-dimensional space mode to achieve circular coating technology, only with X, Y, Z axis coating equipment, can basically achieve circ.



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The classification of spraying equipment can be divided into visual type and desktop type. If carefully divided, it can also be divided into floor type, online type and desktop type. There are still many types of spraying equipment. Let Xiaobian analyze a.



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Which kind of glue coating machine technology for hardware ornaments can meet the anticipated requirements? It is recommended that you use visual glue machine, micro-control glue technology and spraying technology to meet the technical requirements of low.



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Spray-paint dispensing valve is a direct rubber valve specially used for paint. It has the same working principle as piezoelectric dispensing valve. Spray-paint dispensing valve is a domestic valve. The cost of this valve is not as high as that of importe.



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Why is painting without visual dispenser a loss? It is well known that paint fluidity is good. Using dispensing syringes and dispensing valves to dispense glue will lead to the natural flow of glue, which will directly affect the beauty of the product. Im.



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The effect of glue spraying determines the quality of products. With the improvement of dispensing technology, it is no longer limited to ordinary dispensing methods. There are various dispensing modes, such as glue filling, coating, dropping, spraying an.



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The high-speed jet dispensing machine built on the three-axis platform has the same dispensing effect as the visual dispensing machine, but the dispensing effect has the same high-precision dispensing effect. It only needs manual dispensing. The dispensin.



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Automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine is a popular type of dispensing equipment. To dispensing hot melt glue, matching accessories are needed to achieve hot melt glue dispensing? What are the hot melt adhesives? Small knitting for automatic hot melt .



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Visual jet dispenser is mainly used in dispensing glue with lower viscosity, such as glue viscosity below 500 CPS (similar to milk viscosity), or use more types of glue with these viscosity, such as paint, grease, ink, wash glue, etc. Shoe upper color is .

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