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Now more and more manufacturers in order to make the use time of parts become longer, they will protect the parts, so that the use time of parts become longer, then can the part coating protection really play a role?...



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In the digital era, the network post is the biggest cake of the large-scale shopping malls, and chip packaging is always a difficulty in the post. In recent years, the technology of automatic dispensing machine is developing continuously, and it has a bre.



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The process of glue filling is used in the production of many electronic components, so what would you like to glue filling? What is the function of filling glue? Glue pouring as the name implies is to pour glue into an object. Do you know the function of.



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Recently, a lot of customers asked me which kind of machine I want to use to glue the edge of shoe opening? As for the problem of glue on the opening edge of shoes, we recommend using the common dispenser. Dispensing machine is much better than manual in .



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Now it can be said that it is everywhere for the automobile. Does the glue machine need to be used for the coating of automobile mechanical parts? The answer is yes, and it is very common. Many parts on the car are coated with glue machine, such as lights.



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1. The automatic spray dispensing machine adopts imported injection dispensing valve, which has the characteristics of high quality and high precision. The spray valve integrates many advantages of non-contact dispensing. Based on the principle of ele...



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Like other automatic dispensing equipment, injection valves need routine maintenance to ensure the accuracy of injection, and the service life of injection valves will not be shortened. In fact, no matter how high-quality injection valves are used, th...



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Maintenance of automatic dispensing machine has a direct impact on its service life, so doing a good job of maintenance and protection of dispensing machine can not only improve the quality of products, but also extend the service life of equipment, s...



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Some people say that after the popularity of automatic dispensing machines, those dispensing workers lost their jobs. Isnt this a rush to work with glue dispensers? Indeed, the advantage of automatic dispensing machine is not comparable to manual disp...



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Automated gluing equipment is widely used in hardware industry and automobile industry. Its gluing effect and efficiency have been unanimously recognized. This screw gluing machine is specially used to control the application of gluing reinforcement f...

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