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There are some methods to control glue flow, such as spray dispensing valve, which can control glue flow according to air pressure, fine-tuning button and dispensing time. These methods are commonly used in many industries. For example, spray dispensing m.



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Paint spraying is no longer a simple operation, market competition, using the past methods can easily lead to manufacturers losing the market. Paint spraying makes it possible to improve the beauty of products, but also to prevent products from rusting. A.



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PVC trademark dispensing has appeared many years ago, but manual dispensing was used in the past, the accuracy is not particularly high. Now the development of science and technology is more and more rapid, manual dispensing has been obviously backward, r.



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PVC trademark dispensing mainly carries on the surface to carry on the painting, lets the product have the color, lets it have the better style, lets it inhale more people to carry on the purchase, which kind of machine can guarantee the PVC trademark dis.



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Uv dispensing opportunities to use UV glue, and the use of UV glue which kind of dispensing syringe will be better? This is the need to choose according to the characteristics of UV glue, which has greater benefits for the use of UV glue. If you do no...



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Which kind of dispensing equipment can be used for dispensing toys has a better dispensing effect. The medium-sized manufacturer has produced a dispensing machine specially for the dispensing industry. Each point is basically designed for dispensing t...



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Crystal glue bonding should use the right accessories. Although the crystal glue belongs to a common type of glue, the flow of glue is controlled according to the nature of the product, so as to meet the requirements of door and window bonding. The main v.



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The causes of fluid bubbles are related to the operation and the machine. Adjustment should be made according to the causes. The factors of fluid bubbles will be greatly reduced. It is also very important to select dispensing equipment, because not every .



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USB port bonding of mobile phone is no longer the use of manual dispensing, a symbolic USB bonding machine is developed in China, which is desktop automatic dispensing machine. After special modification of dispensing platform, dispensing equipment to...



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How does silicone grease change? How can we not damage the product? In fact, the best way to replace is to buy high-quality products, do not need to replace, so there is no need to replace silicone grease, coating process or choose high-quality dispen...

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