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Organosilicon gel is more in line with the use of the dispensing industry, after dispensing with the same elasticity, more in line with product sealing requirements, but also with heat resistance, and ordinary silica gel has the same performance, but no h.



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Dispensing process knowledge is very extensive, to learn the dispensing process knowledge, do not know how long it takes, dispensing machine development has been over a hundred years, involving the technical field is quite deep, to fully understand, i...



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CPU heat dissipation silica gel belongs to the special use of CPU coated glue, silica gel not only has the effect of adhesion, but also can heat dissipation, the use of the basic computer know that a longer time, will be heating, and the heat is very larg.



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The gluing of the data line can simplify the later production work. If the appearance of the data line flakes off during the use, it can also be glued by the gluing of the data line. However, it should be noted that the inner part of the data line is not .



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In the automobile lamp dispensing link, more or less due to the use of organic silicone gel bubble, the operation of two-component glue filling machine is not the same way to cause glue bonding problems, then in the lamp dispensing link, what common glue .



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The type of floor dispensing machine is generally larger, then the dispensing accessories are more complete, the hot pot socket dispensing advantage is also very much. In the hot pot socket dispensing link, the use of high-strength adhesive bonding, then .



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There are many reasons for the blockage of glue. What causes usually? For example, automotive flash filler using two-component filler production, because of improper use of glue caused by the occurrence of plugging problems, this is not impossible, the us.



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PVC glue is used in the dispensing process of mobile phone dispensing, and the adhesive effect is strong. It is widely used in the dispensing process of PVC trademark. When dispensing PVC glue in these dispensing industries, PVC visual dispensing machine .



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Mobile phone bonding has become a hot spot in dispensing industry, many places need to use hot melt adhesive technology, such as mobile phone TP bonding, is no longer manual dispensing, all by the machine dispensing, such as the use of mobile phone screen.



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Dispensing effect is directly related to the performance of dispensing equipment, dispensing in the mobile phone industry, the demand for higher dispensing technology, general performance dispensing equipment is unable to complete its mobile phone screen .

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