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Dispensing effect is directly related to the performance of dispensing equipment, dispensing in the mobile phone industry, the demand for higher dispensing technology, general performance dispensing equipment is unable to complete its mobile phone screen .



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The use of dispensing valve is based on the requirements of the product, otherwise it will affect the quality of packaging, for example: the use of bulb dispensing machine to meet the lamp post packaging quality requirements, is directly related to the us.



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The visual automatic dispensing machine can improve the production efficiency by using the ejector valve. The quality of the product can be detected by using the vision system, and the dispensing machine needs to meet such conditions. The dispensing is al.



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The automatic visual spray dispensing machine can improve the production speed by dispensing the accessories, because the visual dispensing machine uses advanced injection valve as the control device, and has good working ability and dispensing effect. Th.



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The application of multi axis automatic dispensing machine is based on the needs of the industry, the equipment developed is a dispensing equipment that uses the complex moving back suction dispensing valve, which can be applied to the dispenser of voltag.



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At present, the technology has developed rapidly, the development of science and technology makes a lot of industry vigorously development, such as the electronics industry and the automotive industry, electronic industry demand for multi axis glue dispen.



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The multi axis automatic dispensing machine can control several dispensing valves for dispensing, and the dispensing in voltage can improve the effect. It can produce several products at a time, better than manual dispensing or single point dispensing, an.



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Although the voltage regulator can use multi axis automatic dispensing machine, although the advantages of automatic dispensing machine are numerous, every time after using the dispenser, it is better to clean the multi spindle automatic dispensing machin.



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The voltage device can also be called a transformer, which uses electromagnetic induction to change the voltage device. When the voltage is assembled, the glue is used to glue the column of the transformer to the voltage device. And the multi axis automat.



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The dispensing process camera module dispensing need high requirements for the use of the machine is dispensing more stringent, not all are able to use automatic dispensing machine, dispensing equipment only after strict requirements before it can be used.

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