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With the development and upgrading of market demand and dispensing technology, automatic dispensing equipment has begun to achieve intelligent automatic dispensing effect. It has the characteristics of fast dispensing speed, high precision dispensing ...



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Many products will be coated with glue to achieve sealing and insulation effect. However, due to the irregular shape of various products, dispensing and coating paths are different. In the past, sealing rings were manually coated, but now no longer us...



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Desktop glue coating machine is often used in assembly line processing. Speaking of desktop gluing machine, you will think of the traditional three-axis gluing machine, four-axis gluing machine and so on. In fact, the standard two-station desktop gluing m.



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As the name implies, the type of glue used by the silica gel coating machine is affirmative silica gel, which is also closely related to the selection of the coating accessories. First, the equipment developed on the basis of the structure of the three-ax.



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Wire drawing of automatic glue coating machine is the most common phenomenon for novices, especially the use of high-viscosity glue. Because of the technological requirements, some products must use glue with high viscosity. Because of the high glue visco.



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In addition to cabinet coating machine, automatic dispensing machine, automatic soldering machine, automatic screw machine, etc., the medium-sized or floor-mounted visual coating equipment, desktop desktop platform. There is also a very simple three-axis .



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Improving the dispensing accuracy of automatic dispensing machine largely determines the dispensing and quality effect of products. Some precision parts and handicraft products also need high-precision dispensing technology. However, the dispensing accura.



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The welding effect of automatic welding machine equipment is well recognized by users. Many electronic products need soldering tin, which can be used. PCB products are often used in the industry, automatic soldering machine has what practical advantages, .



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The price of spray dispenser has always been the concern of purchasers and manufacturers, because it is directly related to the cost and expenditure plan of enterprises. It is normal to compare the prices given by manufacturers every day and purchase equi.



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The following is an effective way to solve the problems often occurring in the use of filling valves. 1. Leakage of rubber valve This often happens after the valve closes. 95% of the problem is caused by the use of needle caliber children. Too small needl.

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