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With the development of society, science and technology are also developed, and now manual production can not meet the needs of enterprise assembly line more and more. Instead, industrial automation can better liberate productivity, improve enterprise pro.



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Why use quick-drying glue dispenser? Improve work efficiency, dispensing environment and quality of dispensing Precision control of glue volume, avoid excessive glue waste, automatic removal of glue to prevent needle clogging Compared with ordinary stainl.



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Do you remember the traditional dispensing method? Every process must be accountable to its employees. Product dispensing must be completed by several people. For so many manpower in the process of product, it will definitely bring pressure to the enterpr.



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Users who often use high-speed dispensers deserve attention. Do you know the six principles that should be paid attention to when using high-speed dispensers? 1. Do not install equipment according to your imagination or experience. The principle of high-s.



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Instant drying dispensing machine is a special equipment specially used for distribution control of instant drying glue. Because the nature of glue will condense rapidly when it confronts with the atmosphere, the creep control function is added to the ori.



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Peristaltic dispensing machine is an active structure, which specializes in controlling liquids and applying liquids to product contours or interiors. It has high accuracy and low defective products. It is widely used in mobile phone keypads, mobile phone.



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Guide: hot melt glue dispensing valve, also known as hot melt glue dispensing valve nozzle, can be used for dispensing bottles of perfume bottles. Dispensing accuracy can be controlled in 0.01mm accuracy. The width of glue can be large from 1mm to 5mm. It.



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Silver glue is generally used in the electronic industry. Its overall name is conductive silver glue. It has conductive effect. Whether it needs to be stirred or not depends on the type of glue. In fact, the silver glue we commonly use does not need to be.



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Common types of problems in automatic dispensing and wire drawing, how to solve the problem of wire drawing? Taking the silver glue spraying machine as an example, this paper illustrates how to solve the problem of automatic dispensing and drawing, which .



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Seal box hot melt glue is always a special glue, need to be heated before dispensing, which automatic dispensing machine can dispensing? Actually, as long as the corresponding heating device is matched, various types of industry dispensing can be realized.

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