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The following is an effective way to solve the problems often occurring in the use of filling valves. 1. Leakage of rubber valve This often happens after the valve closes. 95% of the problem is caused by the use of needle caliber children. Too small needl.



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Today, the glue maker is here to talk about the characteristics and classification of distributors. Because of its characteristics, it is efficient and effective. In terms of physical labor, it is lower than manual production. Machine efficiency can impro.



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1. Leakage of rubber valves Leakage problems usually occur after the dispensing valve closes. 95% of the cases occur because the needle caliber is too small to match. Too small a needle can affect the flow of liquid and cause back pressure. Therefore, the.



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The daily maintenance of glue coating machine directly affects its service life. Therefore, the daily maintenance of the glue coating machine can not only improve the quality of products, but also extend the service life of equipment, saving a lot of mone.



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PUR hot melt adhesive is a kind of wet curing reactive polyurethane adhesive, which is widely used in paper, bottle cap, computer, mobile phone and other high-end applications. TP of flexible surface mobile phone combines with intermediate frame. It has e.



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Bottom filling process is to apply glue to the edge of flip chip, through the capillary effect, the glue drops to the opposite side of the component. Fill the bottom, then the glue solidifies under heating. What is the requirement of dispensing proces...



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In recent years, Chinas scientific and technological development has made rapid progress, especially in the electronic industry. However, every development in China is very unbalanced. There is a big gap between coastal and inland areas in production tech.



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How many types of mixing pipes are there? There are not many types of mixing pipes. Although there are many specifications, there are more than a dozen commonly used specifications at present, but the types are trumpet, chuck, dynamic mixing and square. T.



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With the development of society, science and technology are also developed, and now manual production can not meet the needs of enterprise assembly line more and more. Instead, industrial automation can better liberate productivity, improve enterprise pro.



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Why use quick-drying glue dispenser? Improve work efficiency, dispensing environment and quality of dispensing Precision control of glue volume, avoid excessive glue waste, automatic removal of glue to prevent needle clogging Compared with ordinary stainl.

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