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Seal box hot melt glue is always a special glue, need to be heated before dispensing, which automatic dispensing machine can dispensing? Actually, as long as the corresponding heating device is matched, various types of industry dispensing can be realized.



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Hot melt glue beater belongs to the popular machine in the industry. How much does this typically cost? Actually, it has a direct relationship with accessories. How much is the desktop hot melt glue glue gluing machine for conventional accessories? Its ab.



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The dispensing needle barrel is the most commonly used dispensing accessories, also belongs to the consumables in dispensing accessories. It is used in a large amount and has a certain relationship with the glue. The glue will solidify. The dispensing par.



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Red glue is required, not to meet the requirements of glue coating, it is difficult to dispensing, ordinary desktop jet glue coating machine is also difficult to apply red glue requirements, let the short story say what needs attention to red glue coating.



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Rubber breakage treatment can start from machinery and equipment, is also one of the commonly used ways, can avoid secondary operation caused by product damage, is not conducive to product production, but also time-consuming, if the rubber breakage treatm.



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Does relay dispensing use glue coating technology to produce faster? Coating is equal to sealing. With the development of dispensing technology more mature, dispensing machine equipment types are more and more. Which kind of dispensing equipment and t...



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Silica gel coating must be matched with the type of glue that meets the requirements of the use of silica gel, otherwise it can not meet the requirements of silica gel coating. Jet glue dispensing machine is a high-precision dispensing equipment, with sil.



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The use of hot melt glue in the dispensing of tablet computer frame can play a waterproof and sealing role, and the hot melt glue has a good adhesion, which prevents the computer from heating, leading to glue melting and cracking, which directly leads to .



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How many types of dispensing are there at present? What effect will different equipment have on dispensing, such as: automatic dispensing machine, jet dispensing machine, dispensing machine, etc. These dispensing equipment types can achieve a variety of d.



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How to choose silica gel can improve the quality of products. Although it is called silica gel, there are some differences in nature. Choosing silica gel that meets the requirements according to these differences can improve the quality of products. Just .

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