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Micro-control technology is not a dispensing technology that can be realized by general dispensing equipment. At present, only a few dispensing machines can be named as micro-control technology. They are jet dispensing machine and visual automatic dispens.



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Details of dispensing pressure barrel operation techniques and what are worth noting? As one of the important parts of automatic dispensing machine, we should learn to use flexibly, which is helpful for product dispensing. Dont look down on any part. With.



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What glue do you put on the soles of your shoes? According to the feedback from the shoe manufacturers, epoxy resin glue is usually used for dispensing, and using this glue, we have to say that the glue dispensing machine we are now producing is in line w.



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Which spray dispenser is better for spraying paint on hardware ornaments? Xiaobian recommends that you use time AB glue dispenser to control paint spraying. This visual dispensers Micro-glue control technology, bar bar, can quickly and without spilling gl.



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What type of automatic dispensing machine to use depends on the industry in which it is used. Because some industries require precision, visual dispensing machine can be used. Ordinary dispensing equipment can hardly meet the production accuracy requireme.



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Which automatic dispensing machine is suitable for epoxy coating? Xiaobian recommends several types of automatic dispensing machines, which are suitable for epoxy glue coating equipment. Because there are many types of epoxy glue, such as double-liquid, s.



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Pressure barrel specifications are more, because in the dispensing industry, each product needs different amount of glue, so we need different specifications of pressure barrels, our manufacturer is to do pressure barrel wholesale, all types and specifica.



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There are many types of dispensing equipment that can be used for black glue dispensing, such as automatic visual dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine, jet dispensing machine, etc., all of which can be used for black glue dispensing. However, .



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Chest spraying can be done manually or automatically. Some products without requirements can be done manually, but some can not meet the requirements. For example, the emblem with precise patterns or large and small specifications is not as good as the ma.



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The use of hot melt glue must use a device, that is, heating device, why need to use heating device, because hot melt glue is different from the general type of glue, the production is solid, need to heat the glue after melting, so that it has a certain f.

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