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Preventive glue valve leakage must be combined with automatic glue coating equipment, 3131 dispensing valve and dispensing controller to achieve the desired effect. These three products are very helpful for dispensing accuracy debugging. They basically de.



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Which machine can be used to dispense batteries to meet the needs of production? In fact, it is mainly determined by the type of batteries you produce. For example, mobile lithium batteries usually use three-axis automatic dispensing machine, while large .



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Hot melt glue is different from general glue, mainly in terms of characteristics. General glue can be dispensed directly, while hot melt glue needs heating before coating, so hot melt glue needs special hot melt dispensing valve instead of conventional gl.



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The glue-dispensing scheme is mainly based on the application of product dispensing. Take the motorcycle igniter glue-dispensing as an example, let you know how the glue-dispensing scheme is completed. You need to know the product requirements for dispens.



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For example, the ratio of phosphor to glue is 1:1, and adjusted to 2:1, which will deviate the properties of glue, but will have a negative impact on the dispensing effect, resulting in the dispensing effect. The proportion of glue that can be made in Chi.



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Needle glue leakage has always been a problem in dispensing industry, but now there is a dispensing equipment that can solve the problem of needle glue leakage, that is, visual dispensing machine, which does not need to use dispensing equipment of dispens.



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Glue injection is a relatively old dispensing method, which is used only when there is no semi-automatic dispensing machine. In order to improve dispensing accuracy, there is a needle injection method. Although this method can meet certain dispensing accu.



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Automated production line of glue coating is the hot line produced by manufacturers at present, and is the necessary device to build automatic production. At present, there are enough technologies to produce the automatic production line combined with glu.



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The spraying principle of rubber valves is also very difficult. Only when we know the performance of automatic dispensing machine and spraying dispensing valve, it will be easier to operate. We will probably understand it. This will help you better unders.



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The working principle of gluing machine is very helpful for the operation of automatic gluing machine. Even if you choose different dispensing, the working principle of gluing machine is not changed. You know the working principle of one gluing machine an.

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