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The use of hot melt glue must use a device, that is, heating device, why need to use heating device, because hot melt glue is different from the general type of glue, the production is solid, need to heat the glue after melting, so that it has a certain f.



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Mobile phone screen seals for dispensing requirements are relatively high, general dispensing is unable to meet the accuracy requirements of dispensing, and we produced a machine that meets the requirements of mobile phone screen seals, that is, visual di.



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Silica gel belongs to the type of glue commonly used in dispensing industry. There are several ways to coat silica gel. Manual dispensing method or automatic dispensing method can be used. The desired dispensing technology can be selected according to the.



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There are many ways to use glue, mainly for a single glue to take the appropriate dispensing methods, such as: the use of black glue glue which glue way, for the glue has a good help, because different properties of glue, the use of methods also need to b.



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The dispensing control mode has a direct relationship with the use of machines and accessories. The automatic visual dispensing machine we use needs to use dispensing accessories for dispensing control. How to effectively control the effect of dispensing,.



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Both 502 glue and hot melt glue belong to special glue types. The glue dispensing machine that meets the production needs should be selected according to the glue characteristics. A special material is used for 502 glue dispensing, that is, the Teflon pip.



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One-component dispensing valve refers to a single-liquid glue valve. What is single-liquid glue? There are many types of glue in the market, such as UV glue, yellow glue, black glue, red glue, epoxy resin glue and so on. Composition of single liquid dispe.



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Sealing technology has been popular in various industries since a very early time, but with the development of industrial technology, dispensing technology has undergone tremendous changes, from manual dispensing to automatic dispensing. History is reform.



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There are many ways to store epoxy glue, but in the dispensing industry, there are two ways to store epoxy glue. One is dispensing syringe, the other is using piston pressure barrel. Different storage methods have a great impact on dispensing effect, beca.



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The dispensing plan is the dispensing path design and program design specially made by our factory for a certain industry, and our manufacturer of automatic dispensing machine will also do LCD dispensing method for a certain company, using the gantry land.

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