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With the rising production cost, the advantages of automatic production mode are more obvious. Take the dispensing industry as an example, what are the advantages of automatic dispensing, and what benefits can be brought to manufacturers by using automati.



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The automatic painting equipment for auto stamping parts is a fully automatic production mode for the products to achieve automatic production mode. It can refine the spray and cover all the products on the product. It is in all respects, that is, it can .



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Silica gel dispensing is able to prevent leakage of products oh! Because silica gel has the effect of insulation, so the product will not have leakage problem after silica gel dispensing, but silica gel dispensing needs corresponding dispensing equipment,.



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Stainless steel pressure drum has always been a popular accessory in dispensing industry, many types of pressure drum will be used as storage glue allocation. In addition to the automatic dispensing machine using dispensing syringe, the use of dispensing .



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Automation is no longer a conceptual thing. Now manual sorting and express delivery can save more than 100,000 people. Machines can work for 24 hours. The same is true for dispensing industry. Choosing dispensing automation production mode can bring not o.



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This is the several methods of guaranteeing the dispensing accuracy control and the practical operation methods that Xiaobian wants to talk about, so that you can understand the methods and techniques of controlling the dispensing quantity more clearly. T.



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Circular dispensing technology can also be called circular dispensing technology or circular arc dispensing technology. This is the dispensing function that can be realized by automatic dispensing machine. Will the application of voice box dispensing achi.



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You may only know that AB glue can be used after mixing, but you dont know how to mix in the right order. Today, I learned about the principle of AB glue mixing in my friends glue factory. This detail has an impact on the dispensing effect. Let me tell yo.



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Preventive glue valve leakage must be combined with automatic glue coating equipment, 3131 dispensing valve and dispensing controller to achieve the desired effect. These three products are very helpful for dispensing accuracy debugging. They basically de.



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Which machine can be used to dispense batteries to meet the needs of production? In fact, it is mainly determined by the type of batteries you produce. For example, mobile lithium batteries usually use three-axis automatic dispensing machine, while large .

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