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Which kind of dispensing equipment can be used for dispensing toys has a better dispensing effect. The medium-sized manufacturer has produced a dispensing machine specially for the dispensing industry. Each point is basically designed for dispensing t...



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Crystal glue bonding should use the right accessories. Although the crystal glue belongs to a common type of glue, the flow of glue is controlled according to the nature of the product, so as to meet the requirements of door and window bonding. The main v.



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The causes of fluid bubbles are related to the operation and the machine. Adjustment should be made according to the causes. The factors of fluid bubbles will be greatly reduced. It is also very important to select dispensing equipment, because not every .



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USB port bonding of mobile phone is no longer the use of manual dispensing, a symbolic USB bonding machine is developed in China, which is desktop automatic dispensing machine. After special modification of dispensing platform, dispensing equipment to...



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How does silicone grease change? How can we not damage the product? In fact, the best way to replace is to buy high-quality products, do not need to replace, so there is no need to replace silicone grease, coating process or choose high-quality dispen...



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The technology and glue used in dispensing baggage tag is special, and then the performance requirements of dispensing machine are some high, the general machine can not meet the baggage tag dispensing, can only meet the glue on the premise of the tag dis.



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Organosilicon gel is more in line with the use of the dispensing industry, after dispensing with the same elasticity, more in line with product sealing requirements, but also with heat resistance, and ordinary silica gel has the same performance, but no h.



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Dispensing process knowledge is very extensive, to learn the dispensing process knowledge, do not know how long it takes, dispensing machine development has been over a hundred years, involving the technical field is quite deep, to fully understand, i...



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CPU heat dissipation silica gel belongs to the special use of CPU coated glue, silica gel not only has the effect of adhesion, but also can heat dissipation, the use of the basic computer know that a longer time, will be heating, and the heat is very larg.



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The gluing of the data line can simplify the later production work. If the appearance of the data line flakes off during the use, it can also be glued by the gluing of the data line. However, it should be noted that the inner part of the data line is not .

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