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Customization of AB glue filling valve with double liquid an

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Pouring valves only meet the requirements of two-component dispensing machines, or customized dispensing valves for two-liquid dispensing machines. They can use double-liquid glue, which will be used in many industries. However, they need to be customized according to the needs of the industry, because the proportion of glue required by each industry is different, so it is the same to use glue dispensing valves, but the glue dispensing machine does not need too much.
Ratio of use of filling valves
动态灌胶阀 At present, there are several types of glue-filling valves produced in our medium-sized production. Now, we can distinguish them according to their proportions, which are 1:1, 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 and 5:1 respectively. Common types can be divided into five types. Otherwise, we need to customize or send samples for debugging. Otherwise, we can not produce them, but we also need to debug the glue-filling machine when using this kind of valves, because the pressure value has a great influence on the glue-producing capacity of So every position is important.
静态灌胶阀 Types of filling valves
In addition to the proportion, there is also a dynamic and static grouting valve, the proportion of dynamic grouting valve can be used is very large, the static state is generally used less than 3:1 of the two-liquid glue ratio, and the dynamic dispensing valve is 3:1 or more glue, because the larger the proportion, the higher the difficulty of mixing, so the need for motor stirring, otherwise short time can not complete the glue. Water mixing can not achieve the desired effect of gluing. We are using gluing machine in order to improve dispensing control.
灌胶阀 As the machine with the most glue-filling valves, the glue-filling machine can match all kinds of glue-filling valves. Special configuration is needed for special types. Our Zhongzhi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. can build glue-filling valves that meet the needs of the industry according to your needs, and also can make different proportion of glue-filling valves, so that the glue-filling machine can do glue-filling. If you need the glue-filling valves, you can make Our sales hotline is 1366812001.

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