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Full-automatic spray valve for improving the production effi

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Guidance: Fully automatic spray valve no longer uses traditional dispensing valve, no longer needs dispensing needle as the valve of control precision, has automatic control precision, guarantees dispensing stability, and dispensing speed is very fast, at least twice as fast as ordinary dispensing valve, because it uses high-pressure injection technology, so the dispensing speed will be greatly improved.
Model: zz-53
Pressure range: 4-7 kgf/cm
全自动喷胶阀 Maximum speed: 500 points per second
Minimum glue yield: 0.01mm
Material: stainless steel and aluminium alloy
Nozzle specifications: 0.04-0.05 mm
Operating Viscosity: 1-10 000 cps
Weight: 0.45 kg
Fully automatic spray valve
自动喷射式点胶阀 Fully automatic spray valve can be used in industry
These are the basic parameters of automatic spray valves. Let's know how far spray is used to bring spray dispensing valves into full play by spraying machine, and what kind of industries can be applied to. At present, the industries involved by our intermediate manufacturers are mahjong spray painting, watch chain coloring, trademark spray painting and so on. They can also meet the needs of industries, such as chip pin sealing. Precision coating, SMT surface mounting, red glue dotting, FPC component reinforcement and so on, the use of spraying equipment can meet the demand. This is the advantage of spray dispensing machine.
Gum Spraying Equipment with Jet Valve
The predecessor of spraying equipment is also an automatic dispensing machine. When equipped with automatic spraying valves, it is called spraying dispensing machine. Of course, it is not only adding a valve, but also increasing the price. In the use of systems, accessories selection and so on, such as the large spraying dispensing machine used for color on the watch chain, adding PLC system, computer, visual dispensing system and so on, it can be true. Fully automatic dispensing is being realized, otherwise it is impossible to finish the chain coloring quickly.
Effect of using spray valve
The research and development of spray glue dispensing machine and full automatic spray valve will increase the applicability of dispensing industry and enhance the effect of dispensing industry. The spray equipment can solve some difficult dispensing problems to a great extent, such as: the color of the watch chain, which used to be basically manual, and the coating effect is prone to bumps and bumps. Therefore, the spray dispensing machine can liberate the demand of manual quantity and spray one dispensing machine. The glue equipment can replace ten workers, which is the advantage of spraying glue machine with automatic spraying valve.
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