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Zhongcheng has a dispensing valve suitable for high viscosit

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High viscosity dispensing valves are specially designed for those glue with high concentration and poor flow. Some dispensing industries require very high glue concentration, but also mix two kinds of glue. Many dispensing valves can not meet the requirements of dispensing. For example, some glue concentration is the same as toothpaste, precision dispensing valves can not meet the demand of dispensing at all.
双液点胶阀 Parameters of high viscosity dispensing valve
Model: ZZ-57
Working Pressure: 4-7 kg/cm
Minimum glue yield: 0.1ml
高粘度点胶阀 Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Anodization
Weight: 609g
Operational frequency: <600 times/min
Feeding pressure: <10kg
Feed Size: 1/4"NPT
Industry and Machine for Application of High Viscosity Dispenser Valve
Fluorescent powder dispensing, power supply gluing, HID stabilizer gluing, bathroom lamp packaging, terminal connector dispensing, display screen bottom packaging, glass gluing, pot base dispensing, mobile phone touch screen dispensing, transformer sealing, LED lamp tape, and so on. The industries requiring high-viscosity glue can basically be involved, but not the same high-viscosity dispensing valve, dispensing machine is not a dispensing equipment. There are LED light belt dispensing machine, automatic dispensing machine and non-standard automatic dispensing machine.
We have the technology to produce non-punctuation glue machine
双组份点胶阀 We have made non-standard machines, which can meet the filling requirements of various industries. The dispensing industry has different requirements. Then we can refit the structure of the automatic dispensing machine. For example, the LED light belt dispensing machine will be used in the phosphor dispensing machine, and a basic automatic dispensing machine will be used as a template. The length of the XYZ axis and the dispensing accessories will be increased, and the high viscosity points suitable for production will be replaced. Rubber valves, the ability to manufacture non-punctuation glue machine is our main advantage.
If you are interested in and need high viscosity dispensing valves, LED light belt dispensing machines and automatic dispensing machines, you can call our telephone service hotline 139 2840 3389.

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