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Reciprocating high-flow precision 3131 dispensing valve

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3131 dispensing valve is one of the most commonly used dispensing valves in the market. Because of its dispensing characteristics and cost, it has become one of its popular dispensing valves. This dispensing valve can be used in manual dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine. It is also very popular in the industry. It can use a variety of types of glue. High, medium and low types of glue can basically be used.
3131 dispensing valve parameters
Model: 3131 Name: Double-acting dispensing valve
Dispensing accuracy: 1 mm dispensing diameter: 1.2 mm
复动点胶阀 Repeated dispensing accuracy: 0.02% operating frequency: <600 times/min
Output mode: automatic interval time: 1 second
Operating Viscosity: 10000cps Rubber Valve Weight: 309g
Applicable Viscosity of 3131 Spot Valve
Above is the basic parameters of 3131 dispensing valve, according to its parameters to choose, the general glue will have a viscosity, 10,000 or less glue can use 3131 dispensing valve for dispensing, such as automatic dispensing machine in the motorcycle igniter glue machine for motorcycle igniter glue will use sealant, the glue viscosity is between 2000 and 3000 is in line with. Use requirements.
Choosing machines needs to be in line with industry needs
点胶阀 Select dispensing valve according to glue viscosity, dispensing width and dispensing accuracy. Select dispensing machine according to cost and production mode. At present, there are automatic dispensing machine and manual dispensing machine on the market. The price of automatic dispensing machine used in motorcycle igniter coating is 10,000 yuan. If it is a semi-automatic dispensing machine, it only needs several hundred pieces, so choose dispensing equipment or according to itself. Industry needs.
3131 point valve is good, but still according to the actual situation, if motorcycle igniter needs to use fast-drying glue or hot-melt glue, it can not use 3131 point valve as control device, and motorcycle igniter glue dispenser is not automatic dispenser, but hot-melt glue dispenser.
If you need to use motorcycle igniter glue dispensing machine, automatic glue dispensing machine, 3131 glue dispensing valve, you can find our medium-sized manufacturers, we can customize the corresponding motorcycle igniter glue dispensing program and equipment, our telephone service hotline: 13928403389.

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