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Double-acting thimble dispensing valve 2121 fine-tuning prec

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Precision dispensing valves are widely used in dispensing industry at present. The dispensing accuracy meets the demand of dispensing industry, and the precision control is good. So it has become a popular part in the application of automatic dispensing equipment. This dispensing valve is manufactured by many advanced processes and has good application performance.
Automated gluing
Automatic glue dispensing equipment can use precise dispensing valve for the task of gluing on laptop radiators. More importantly, it can quickly finish gluing, and then combined with automatic product dispensing, it can meet the manufacturers'demand for production speed, such as the current demand for heat sink dispensing, which does not meet the accuracy of 0.1 mm equipment, it is difficult to meet the small industry dispensing requirements.
Glue for dispensing
Precision dispensing valves can use many types of glue to finish dispensing, such as: UV glue, butter, sealant, epoxy glue, tin paste, etc., but over a certain concentration of glue can not be used, such as over 20,000 concentration of glue, it is difficult to dispensing, the need to use special controllers and dispensing valves, otherwise it can not provide enough pressure strength and power. The quality effect of product dispensing can not be guaranteed. It is necessary to select the manufacturer with quality to ensure the production of precision dispensing valves.
Price of precision dispensing valve
Precision non-contact dispensing machine manufacturer is also a type of automatic dispensing equipment, but it has more precise dispensing technology, in terms of accuracy control than automatic dispensing equipment is better, if the notebook radiator dispensing machine used to non-contact dispensing machine, there will be more obvious dispensing effect, of course, the price of precision non-contact dispensing machine is also very expensive, probably more than 100,000 left. Right.
涂胶阀 Precision dispensing valve equipment parameters:
Rubber valve model: zz-jf-2121 rubber valve name: 2121 precision dispensing valve
Cylinder Type: Minimum Output of Single/Multiple Cylinder: 0.01ml
Operating Viscosity: 1-10000cps Feeding Pressure: <300kg
Rubber Valve Material: Aluminum Alloy Anode Feeding Size: 8mm
Outside Size: 25*126mm Square Weight: 221g
自动涂胶设备 Precision dispensing valves used in automatic dispensing equipment can meet a variety of types of glue, only the glue with fluidity reaching the range can basically be used. Except some glue with special requirements can not be used, other types of glue can basically be used. It also proves the practicability of precise dispensing valves, although the dispensing valves used with precision non-contact dispensing machine can not be used. In contrast, it can still meet the needs of dispensing heat sinks for notebook, and the precision control range is also strong.

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