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Piston type circular dispensing valve large flow dispensing

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Circular dispensing valve, also known as plunger dispensing valve, is a kind of rubber valve commonly used for dispensing high concentration glue. It uses stainless steel cylinder axis, with good sealing effect and no leakage or drip. It is a popular type of dispensing valve at present, and it belongs to large flow in dispensing volume, so it can quickly dispensing products.
Output and auditory effects
小流量点胶阀 Our four-position glue dispenser is used to dispense glue on the keys of the remote controller. In the aspect of glue control, it is also a good dispensing valve. It can stop and dispense glue vertically. It is more flexible in dispensing and can use more glue types. So it can also meet the needs of various types of glue dispensing in the market, plunger type glue dispensing. The dispensing valve is a good rubber valve.
Parameters of circular dispensing valve
Rubber Valve Model: zz-30 Rubber Valve Name: Circular dispensing valve
Cylinder type: repetitive/single-acting cylinder using air source: 4-7 kgf/cm
Dispensing accuracy: 0.1mm operating viscosity: 1-10000cps
Rubber Valve Material: Aluminum Alloy Material Feeding Size: 1/8"NPT (f)
Feeding Pressure: <300 kg Operating Speed: <600 min
Rubber Valve Size: 135mm Rubber Valve Weight: 150g
Applicable dispensing industry
This circular dispensing valve can dispense glue on many kinds of products besides remote control button dispensing, such as battery dispensing, motorcycle igniter coating, plastic case dispensing, lamp holder electronic dispensing, liquid crystal backlight dispensing, bathroom lamp packaging, terminal connector dispensing, display bottom packaging and so on. These can meet the demand of dispensing, choose dispensing glue. The advantage of automation is that it can satisfy many kinds of dispensing tasks.
Available dispensing machines and glue
柱塞式点胶阀 Can use a variety of types of dispensing, with the collocation of dispensing machine and glue is a great relationship, such as the use of four-position dispensing machine, three-axis dispensing machine, high-speed dispensing machine, desktop dispensing machine, UV dispensing machine, non-punctuating machine, and so on, but also the use of glue, such as: UV glue, sealant, silica gel, epoxy, foam, sealant, black glue, grease, alcohol, etc. In order to use me, this is the plunger type circular dispensing valve, is able to meet a variety of dispensing tasks.
If you need to use a circular dispensing valve or a four-position dispensing machine, or choose dispensing automation equipment, you can find our Dongguan Zhongzhi Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. to produce the corresponding dispensing equipment for you, you can also design the equipment that meets the requirements according to the actual requirements. Telephone service hotline: 139-2840-3389.

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