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Medium and High Viscosity Silica Spot Valve High Speed Pisto

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Plunger dispensing valve is a kind of point-to-point silica gel type rubber valve, which can point high viscosity silica gel, and dispensing speed, also known as high-speed dispensing valve, can use medium and high viscosity glue, the effect of point-to-point dispensing is sticky, fast dispensing, no leakage and leakage problems, which has a lot to do with its design.
Three different types of dispensing valves
There are three types of dispensing valves on the market at present: plunger dispensing valves, backdraft dispensing valves and thimble dispensing valves. The difference between them lies in the difference of axis and movement. The axis of plunger dispensing valves is cylinder, the needle dispensing valves are needle-like centers, and the backdraft dispensing valves are with cylinders. The plunger dispensing valves can use glue with high viscosity because they are cylinders, while the thimble dispensing valves are energy-efficient. Enough to meet the medium or lower glue, which is different types of dispensing valves can achieve different dispensing degree.
Selection of dispensing valve
For example, these types of dispensing valves can be used in four-position dispensing machine or automatic dispensing machine, mainly depending on the type of glue needed by the industry, and then according to the nature and viscosity of glue, select dispensing valves that meet the needs, such as automatic dispensing machine in battery dispensing, which requires large flow and high viscosity of black glue, you can use plunger dispensing valve for dispensing, so that The dispensing effect will meet the requirements of dispensing.
大流量柱塞式点胶阀 Plunger dispensing valve
Battery dispensing is just one example, plunger dispensing valve can also use a variety of types of glue, which is the advantage of mature technology, using different technologies will have a particularly good effect, similar to the application in four-position dispensing machine or automatic dispensing machine is an example, a dispensing device can be used in many dispensing industries, two can be applied in more industries. Indirect proof of the plunger dispensing valve performance is very good.
If you want to know more about the plunger dispensing valve or have demand for it, you are welcome to contact the manufacturer of automatic dispensing. We not only have four-position dispensing machine and automatic dispensing machine, but also have all-round dispensing valve accessories, which can meet your needs. Welcome to call our telephone service hotline: 139-2840-3389 (engineer's telephone).

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