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Wholesale of precision screw dispensing valve imported from

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The screw dispensing valve manufactured in Germany has very high dispensing accuracy in dispensing. The dispensing accuracy can reach 0.01 mm, the repetitive dispensing accuracy is (+2 mg), and it can also dispensing with a variety of types of glue. This is the dispensing effect that imported dispensing valve can achieve. There is no requirement of glue concentration, and there is no poor control accuracy.
Performance and Advantage of Screw Valve
On-line automatic spraying machine and spray dispensing machine can use screw valve to dispense glue, which can reflect the strong performance of screw dispensing valve. There are no limitations in glue. 1:1 to 10:1 glue can be used. The glue concentration is high enough to complete the task of dispensing glue, and also can use low viscosity glue, such as: on-line automatic spraying machine spraying on mobile phone cathode. The use of screw dispensing valves also meets the demand for dispensing.
Manufacturing with German Imported Technology
The screw dispensing valve manufactured by German manufacturer also uses another dispensing controller to drive the internal screw. This is a pneumatic dispensing valve, but it uses electric drive mode. So the glue mixing will be more uniform, the dispensing control is better, and there will be no leakage or non-uniformity. Then it will be used together with the advanced on-line automatic spraying machine, right and wrong. Often meet the requirements of mobile card spraying and some high-precision dispensing industry.
Basic parameters of screw dispensing valve
精密螺杆点胶阀 Rubber valve type: zz-lg-06 rubber valve name: screw dispensing valve
Operating mode: Electricity meets machine type: On-line automatic spraying machine, spray dispensing machine
Input voltage: 24V minimum vomiting volume: 0.01mm
Repetition accuracy: +2 mg mixing ratio: 1:1 to 10:1
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy Material Machine Weight: 1.4kg
Feeding Pressure: <10kg Stirring Method: Screw Stirring
This is the basic parameters of the screw dispensing valve. According to these parameters, the dispensing information can be satisfied. If you need high-precision dispensing equipment to collect Cato spraying, online automatic spraying machine or spray dispensing machine, you can meet the production requirements. Of course, you can also give the product to me and let us collect it for you. Cato spraying, observe its dispensing effect.

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