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30cc55cc regular Japanese dispensing syringes sold in large

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Japanese dispensing syringe is a commonly used accessory in dispensing industry. Whether it is an automatic dispensing machine or a manual dispensing machine, it is essential to use Japanese dispensing syringe as a dispensing accessory. Even jet dispensing machine can also be used. However, Japanese dispensing syringe is a consumable product and needs a lot of preparation for each use. We are the source manufacturers of Japanese dispensing syringe.
Widespread use of Japanese dispensing syringes
日式点胶针筒 The spray dispensing machine is used for dispensing PCB solder paste, and the dispensing accessories are Japanese dispensing syringes. Because the solder paste can not be stored in pressure barrels, the Japanese dispensing syringes can only be used. The demand for dispensing PCB solder paste is less each time, and the dispensing effect is better than using dispensing valves. The effect is better, different parts can achieve different dispensing effect, and the same is true for the accessories matched with jet dispensing machine.
Manual dispensing machines also use dispensing syringes
日式点胶针筒 In addition to high-end jet dispensing opportunities to use the Japanese dispensing syringe, and manual dispensing machine will also be used, such as 982, 983, Y-A6, B-800 and so on, the machine will basically use Japanese dispensing syringe dispensing, these are small flow dispensing machine will use, and meet the production needs, so the demand for each use is very large, if you Needs to Japanese dispensing syringe, you can come to our factory to buy, sell in large quantities.
Dongguan Medium Manufacturer Produces Large Number of Needle Tubes
The Japanese dispensing syringe we produce is all made of PP material. This material has good anticorrosion and glue has a corrosive effect. Similar to the spray dispensing machine using the dispensing valve machine for dispensing, it will lead to the leakage of glue in the dispensing valve. This is the result of glue corrosion. We will not use the Japanese dispensing syringe for dispensing. Problem, because dispensing syringe is used less once, so it will not lead to problems. Why use dispensing syringe for PCB solder paste dispensing? This is because the glue viscosity is high and does not conform to the use of dispensing valve.

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