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Hot melt glue spray valves are the only valves that match th

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The only dispensing valve needed to use hot melt glue is hot melt glue spray valve, which can heat glue. Because the characteristics of hot melt glue are not type bulk glue, and particles or sticks, it needs heating to dispense glue. Automatic dispensing machine combines hot melt glue spray machine, which is now hot melt glue spray machine.
热熔胶点胶阀 Type collocation of automatic dispensing machine
Automatic dispensing machine is a three-axis dispensing machine, with different dispensing valves or different types of functions, there will be different names, such as hot melt dispensing machine, jet dispensing machine, visual dispensing machine, etc., different names will have different dispensing effect, the use of hot melt glue used in hot melt glue spraying valve and hot melt glue spraying machine, with the corresponding heating function, can To meet the glue heating, but also to ensure a stable temperature line, which is the advantage of technological development.
热熔胶点胶机 Hot melt glue spray valve
As a special dispensing valve, the hot melt glue spraying valve is composed of a high temperature resistant dispensing syringe, dispensing valve, heating device and temperature control device. It can heat and control the temperature to ensure that the temperature in a certain range will not exceed or decrease, so as to ensure the normal dispensing function of the automatic dispensing machine. The effect of the hot melt glue spraying machine comes in this way, and the hot melt. The dispensing effect of the glue spray valve is also very good. It can ensure the stability and accuracy of dispensing effect. It can meet the demand in some industries. For example, the back cover package of notebook is completed by using hot melt glue spray machine.
Today, hot melt spray valves are introduced here. If you need to use hot melt spray valves or hot melt glue machines, you can contact us. In addition to standard automatic dispensing machines, we also have various types of non-standard machines, which can meet the requirements of using hot melt glue and dispensing requirements. Telephone service hotline: 13928403389.

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