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An imported spray valve for paint spraying, automatic spray

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Paint spraying technology generally can not meet the demand of dispensing valves, using spraying method to produce, rather than dispensing method, and paint viscosity is low, need good sealing products to prevent leakage, the use of imported spraying valves can meet the requirements of high-precision spraying, but also can use a variety of paint for spraying.
Ground-mounted double Y-axis visual dispensing machine
压电式喷漆阀 Ground-type double Y-axis visual dispenser is equipped with imported spraying valves. Contactless spraying technology and high-precision spraying technology can complete the painting spraying. It can make the paint spraying in every corner, and can be well covered on the chest. Uniform coating technology can improve the aesthetic feeling of the chest. This is the requirement of imported spraying valves.
落地式xf881兴发手机版入口 Industry of Paint Spray Valve Application
Imported spray-paint valves can be applied not only in the industry of chest spray painting, but also in many industries, such as aviation industry, medical equipment industry, automobile industry, electronics industry and so on. It can be found that the industry of imported spray-paint valves is basically high-demand precision industry, so the practicability of imported spray-paint valves is very high, but also can match different machines. For example, double Y-axis visual dispensing machine, automatic spray dispensing machine, high-precision visual dispensing machine and so on.
Two Types of Paint Spray Valves
There are two types of imported spray-paint valves, one is the piezoelectric spray-paint valve, the other is the spray-paint valve controlled by air pressure. The piezoelectric spray-paint valve is the imported spray-paint valve, while the air pressure is semi-domestic and semi-imported. This kind of application is more in the automatic spray-paint dispensing machine. The piezoelectric imported paint spray valve needs to be equipped with an imported motor to drive the rubber valve.

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