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Temperature Heating Device for Hot Melt Adhesive Heating

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Hot melt adhesives need to be heated before dispensing. Everyone who knows a little about glue knows that hot melt adhesives are produced as solids, and can not dispensing without heating. In order to meet this requirement, a temperature heating device is produced, which can heat hot melt adhesives to ensure the melting point of hot melt adhesives, and then dispensing with an automatic hot melt adhesives machine.
Function of Heating Device
温度加热装置 In 2012, many manufacturers still use hot melt glue guns, heating and hot melt glue dispensing, dispensing accuracy is difficult to control, can only rely on the feeling and the naked eye to control the amount of glue, in the perfume bottle dispensing and tablet computer border dispensing can not be carried out, the production speed is really too slow, after the dispenser manufacturers strive to develop and develop hot melt adhesive machine accessories, that is, the temperature heating device and hot melt glue point. Rubber valves, hot melt glue dispensing valves store hot melt particles, and the temperature heating device to the dispensing valve temperature heating, temperature control in the glue melting point, and then use automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine.
Characteristics of Temperature Heating Device
热熔胶粒储存方式 The highest temperature of the temperature heating device can reach 225 degrees high temperature. The hot melt adhesive can be completely fused. Besides the temperature heating, there is another characteristic that can control the air pressure. The automatic hot melt glue machine needs air pressure, so the temperature heating device is able to heat the glue and control the air pressure, while the hot melt glue dispensing valve controls the flow and the accuracy. Frame dispensing needs the combination of hot melt glue machine accessories to meet the dispensing requirements.
Hot melt dispenser application industry
The perfume bottle dispensing is also one of the industries commonly used in automatic hot melt adhesive machine. It mainly spreads a thin layer of glue on the bottle cap. In order to play the role of sealing, it prevents perfume volatilization, and the hot melt adhesive is very environmental friendly and non-toxic, and has good sealing effect. So it will be chosen as the main object of dispensing, which is similar to the tablet computer dispensing. It is for sealing and hot melt adhesive. To a certain extent, the product is protected from damage.
热熔胶点胶机 After various introductions and application analysis, we have a certain understanding of the parts of hot melt glue dispensing machine. We also know what kind of dispensing equipment is needed for hot melt glue dispensing. Automatic hot melt glue dispensing machine is one of the types of dispensing machine, and its structure is not too complicated. As long as the temperature heating device and hot melt dispensing valve are installed on the automatic dispensing machine, it becomes an automatic hot melt. Glue dispensing machine, and then change the dispensing machine program, the internal procedures and machines to cooperate, you can dispensing.

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