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CCD Visual Control Device of Visual Dispenser Made in German

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In order to fit in with the high performance of visual dispenser, the CCD visual control device we use is manufactured by German technology. The German manufacturer has high product concentration and high quality of CCD visual control device. We purchased and installed it on the visual AB automatic dispenser. It has the functions of high-definition camera and automatic positioning test, fast positioning and rapid analysis of dispensing position. The CCD vision control device manufactured by Chinese manufacturers has high precision, good control effect and long service life.
视觉xf881娱乐手机版 There is a certain gap in domestic follow-up production technology
Although domestic manufacturers also produce CCD visual control devices, but the effect is not as good as German production, which is undeniable. Domestic service life will be shorter, and the price is cheaper than German-made CCD visual control devices, mainly depending on which kind of CCD visual control device you want to choose to match the visual dispensing machine, because our manufacturers comply with customer requirements, so we want to go abroad. Production or import, you have to choose, the price of the two devices will be different oh!
Practical application effect of visual dispensing machine
Visual AB automatic dispenser with CCD visual control device and spray dispensing valve can realize paint spraying technology. This visual dispenser can be used as spraying equipment for five gold jewelry painting. The spray dispensing valve sprays paint rapidly in a high-pressure way. After spraying, the paint will be directly adhered to hardware jewelry, whether the flow of paint will affect product quality, so that Visual dispensing machine has the effect, ordinary dispensing machine is not the technology. In addition to hardware jewelry painting, the use of paint spraying, you can choose such a production mode.
落地式xf881兴发手机版入口 The CCD visual control device chooses to import, which guarantees the quality of paint spraying and hardware jewelry better. The service life of the device imported from Germany is also very long. The reason why the device is manufactured in Germany is that the technology is recognized. The focus and technology of the home-made visual AB automatic dispensing machine have not reached the high-end requirements. Although the home-made CCD visual control device has a certain scale, it has a certain technology. There is still a certain gap in technique

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