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Silica gel dispensing valves meeting the requirements of sil

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Silica gel dispensing valve, as a valve specially used for silica gel coating, can cooperate with various types of coating equipment to achieve dispensing task. Whether small-scale or large-scale coating equipment, it can install silica gel dispensing valve. The requirements for dispensing environment are not high, so it can meet the requirements of dispensing with various types of machines.
Silicone Spot Valve Independent Cylinder
硅胶点胶阀 Coil dispensing machine with silica gel dispensing valve can complete the requirements of coating inductance coil. Because of the viscous silica gel, the internal pressure of the general dispensing valve is insufficient, so it is impossible to extrude silica gel. The silica gel dispensing valve will be equipped with an independent cylinder, and the ultra-atmospheric pressure can extrude the high-viscosity glue, and complete the dispensing task in silica gel. The dispensing valve has large silica gel space, large space and large storage capacity, which can reduce the friction between the inner wall and glue and increase the glue output. This is the characteristics of the special dispensing valve, which meets the requirements of glue use.
Practical application of silica gel dispensing valve
硅胶点胶阀 The amount of glue needed for the coating of inductance coil is also very large. To coat the whole inductance coil with glue, the needle transfer is needed for the silicone gel dispensing valve, which can be directly coated with silicone gel on the inductance coil. Moreover, the automatic gluing machine does not need to use high-precision gluing equipment. The standard coil dispensing machine can also be used directly. To meet the requirements of production, silica gel coating is directly related to the industry. If silica gel meets the requirements, silica gel dispensing valves can not be used for coating.
Silicone Valve Parameters
硅胶阀 Silica gel dispensing valve is made of aluminium alloy material. The cylinder is separated from the cylinder. The outlet is large and the volume of the dispensing is large. The volume of the dispensing valve can reach 1 mm/s. The size of the inlet is 1/8"NPT (f). The speed of the dispensing valve is also very fast. The coil dispensing machine is equipped with the silicon gel dispensing valve, which meets the requirements very well. And the dispensing equipment effect is uniform, in line with modern production mode. The results of industrial experiments of automatic dispensing machine show that the use of silica gel dispensing valve is not wrong.

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