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Solder paste injection valve for newly developed visual disp

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Friends who have used glue machines should know that whether they use manual glue machines or automatic glue, it is difficult to avoid the problem of glue coating. Of course, some automatic glue machines do well in cable glue filling. In fact, there are many factors affecting glue filling valves, such as glue consistency, aerodynamic pressure, glue valve quality and so on.
If there is a glue dispenser that can completely solve the problem of dispensing, and is not affected by factors such as glue viscosity, air pressure and glue quality, would you like to know? What kind of product is this? If your company's requirements for product quality are very stringent, you can understand the overall configuration of the glue machine. Consider some better hardware, such as high-precision jet glue valve. This is one of the key configurations for our intermediate glue machine to meet the requirements of various process glue technology.
Solder Paste Jet Valve
The appearance of the jet valve has replaced the ordinary dispensing valve. We have introduced the function of this valve in other articles, and have let it know the characteristics of this valve.
The neutral jet valve is not only suitable for common fluids, but also refers to medium and high viscosity fluids (ink, solder paste, hot melt glue, etc.) which need not be affected by dispensing and viscosity.
The pneumatic working principle of the jet valve can automatically adjust the working pressure of the fluid rubber. In order to avoid the electrothermal phenomenon, non-contact colloid is used, and it also has the function of antistatic treatment.
Fuel injection valve is a foreign precision forging fittings, high glue stability, durable.

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