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Hot melt dispensing machine accessories - fiber spray gun

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Everyone should know about the overheated melting point glue machine, which is a kind of dispensing machine. Next, I will briefly introduce one of the accessories of the overheated melting point glue, that is, the fiber spray gun.
The fiber spray gun is a complex hot melting point rubber head. Let's take a look at its characteristics
纤维喷枪 Characteristics of fiber spray gun
First of all, it uses a kind of hot-melt technology used in the non-woven industry. Under the same quality, only half of the glue amount of the previous method is needed to complete the quality required by the customer. Its dispensing method can be used in three situations of medium and low speed. The glue it ejects is as fine as the fiber, and then the adhesive force is large, the distribution is very uniform, the durability is strong and unique It is designed to prevent blocking to the greatest extent. In addition, the fiber spray gun can be installed on most of the hot melting glue machines according to the needs of users.
What do you think of it after you understand its characteristics? Next, we will introduce the use range of fiber spray gun.
Applicable scope of fiber spray gun
It can be used in bathroom, bathtub, toilet, diaper, pet pad, disposable mattress and other disposable items.

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