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Which part of the on-line non-contact glue dispenser is more

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The dispensing machine production efficiency is expected to achieve the requirements of the composition with multi axis jet dispensing machine is a lot of relationship, is part of the dispensing machine accessories and systems, whether it is the use of automatic dispensing machine, or online non-contact dispensing machine, accessories are playing a very important role. A drawback of these spare parts, jet dispensing machine can operate together, but never can dispensing task.
Online non-contact dispensing machine is also called online multi axis jet dispensing machine, injection valve is the most characteristic for the dispensing machine, it has changed the traditional mode of improved dispensing, dispensing efficiency and quality, in many companies are already using jet dispensing machine as main dispensing equipment, application the injection valve system.
The composition of the online dispensing machine is the control system besides the injection valve, which is equivalent to the human brain. There is no control system. The online non-contact dispensing machine will appear irregular dispensing mode when it operates, and it will not produce any benefits for production.
In fact, all part of the dispensing machine is very important, only some part of the demolition of the non-contact dispensing machine will not run, these parts would not seem particularly important, after the demolition of some parts to affect accuracy, it is not what's important, but to use a good online non-contact dispensing needs all the accessories installation is complete, so as to ensure the quality performance of glue machine.
The composition of the on-line non-contact glue dispenser is very important, especially which parts to improve the operating performance of the glue dispenser.

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