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Which parts are more suitable for spray type dispenser

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Jet dispensing machine is also called non-contact jet dispensing machine, glue machine glue effect have more advantages than the traditional contact methods, the glue area wider and more comprehensive, and can be adjusted according to the actual needs of the quantity of cement, no need to pull back the Z axis to prevent glue drawing phenomenon, and can work the time part of the province, with the advantage of this kind of work so he can complete most of the dispensing work, jet dispensing machine is equipped with a variety of high quality accessories can be applied to complete the work in different dispensing.
The spray jet dispensing valve is necessary to produce the adhesive tool, only to make the glue mist was distributed through the spray valve, can be equipped with piezoelectric type injection valve complete dispensing work pressure, nozzle type electric dispensing valve to support a variety of models, can complete the slit point glue, simple operation and convenient removal, than the general the injection valve of high yield, and is suitable for various types of glue, UV glue, epoxy resin, conductive adhesive, hot melt adhesive is suitable for spraying, application of different fluid glue has a very high repeat accuracy.
Jet dispensing machine accessories in addition there are many injection valves, which will be responsible for supporting pressure barrel storage and glue spraying, due to the high efficiency jet dispensing machine is relatively large, on demand of the glue, the use of stainless steel pressure barrel can meet jetting dispensing work demand, dispensing of stainless steel the barrel can be divided into upper and lower glue glue, glue if high viscosity glue is connected at the bottom, if the glue viscosity is low with the upper glue way, equipped with safety valve, pressure regulating valve, a discharge port and a pressure relief valve, improving the quality and stability of spray work. 针筒

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