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What kind of glue fittings are used in the camera module glu

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Camera module dispensing machine is a very high-end equipment, this a great relationship with the use of dispensing accessories, but also because these parts to "achievement" the camera dispensing machine, there are many different types of dispensing equipment on the market, because of the different parts, and dispensing machine don't come out, use the accessories also determines the direction and application of glue dispenser.
The injection valve is one of the camera module dispensing the use of accessories, the use of high-end dispensing valve can make the dispensing better, for example: there are three kinds of camera module dispensing dispensing mode, which is a single point of dispensing, dispensing and unilateral U dispensing, using injection valve can improve the speed and quality of some glue dispensing, prevent glue overflow problem the dispensing process appears.
The visual system is a camera module dispensing machine accessories, can locate the position of the camera module for automatic glue dispenser, and dispenser dispensing camera module implementation tasks, in addition to the location, but also to product quality detection and dispensing of bad products, not to repair, dispensing, dispensing after the product is discarded, the camera module dispensing experiment visual system has a lot of benefits.
LCD controller is a camera module dispensing machine accessories, accessories with the vision system is the combination of the visual system, picture shooting is transmitted to the LCD controller for processing and analysis, then can obtain useful information and dispensing position, also can put out some wrong information feedback for repair.
The accessories used for camera module dispensers are all high-tech products. Otherwise, they can't be applied to the camera dispensing. What type of accessories can be applied to that extent dispensing, choosing the right dispensing machine is still a guarantee for the dispensing effect.

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