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Accessories used for the multi axis automatic glue dispenser

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The voltage regulator belongs to electronic products, the use of a relatively wide range in some electronic devices, power plants, indoor distribution and other products are used in the production process of voltage transformer, which can be used to voltage multi axis automatic dispensing machine to replace the traditional manual dispensing point glue, then in the use of multi axis automatic dispensing the machine voltage for dispensing work will use what dispensing accessories?
1, dispensing valve
Is the dispensing valve voltage multi axis automatic dispenser for dispensing work is one of the indispensable accessories, but the dispensing valve types, if the dispensing valve selected is not suitable for multi axis automatic dispensing machine, prone to dispensing deviation in the dispensing process, will have some impact on the production of quality products. So before using the multi axis automatic glue dispenser, it is better to choose the adhesive properties according to the properties of the glue.
2. Glue needles
The glue needles are assembled in the dispensing valve, and the glue needles will also be used when the voltage is glued to the voltage apparatus. But the needles on the market can be divided into general plastic needles and stainless steel needles, when the two needles in the glue solidification phenomenon, stainless steel needles can use heater melt glue, and the need to replace the use of plastic needle. However, the use of plastic needles can avoid the phenomenon of scraping, and it can also play a good role in the production quality of the voltage apparatus.
3. Pressure bucket
The pressure barrel can play a role in the transport storage glue glue voltage multi axis automatic dispensing machine, but in the use of the best before the first to check how the air tightness of multi axis automatic dispensing machine pressure within the barrel, if the pressure within the sealed barrel dispensing machine is not good, easy to make the glue solidified in the pressure barrel.

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