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Full automatic visual injection type glue dispenser's decora

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Full automatic jet dispensing machine using means of dispensing accessories, paint and glue, for example: jewelry hairpin is the need for color, bracelet can glue and so on, these things are all can use jet automatic dispensing machine, production speed is relatively fast, dispensing effect is also very good, choose the correct dispensing equipment compared with the effect of, for the enterprise production.
Jewelry color not using the dispensing function, but in order to make the coating, jewelry has more beautiful appearance, the use of glue color to add different colors, make jewelry is more good-looking, let the sales promotion, use the full automatic jet automatic dispensing machine can do these fruit to effect, and has excellent control technology in the control of glue dispensing equipment, advanced technology, leakage problems should not occur when dispensing the hairpin.
The ability to control the glue dispensing machine, is the use of preferred jewelry dispensing need glue is high concentration of glue, glue volume is difficult to control, full automatic dispensing valve jet dispensing machine can control various concentration of glue, plays a great role in the production of jewelry, because some accessories need some paint. Need a high concentration of glue, some black glue, so the use of the injection valve is good, and can make the different concentration, the effect of dispensing the full automatic jet dispensing machine is very good.
Jet automatic dispensing machine using the coated effect, dispensing will be slower because it pays more attention to the effect of dispensing, so the dispensing speed is slow, the effect of dispensing used is based on the control technology of the dispensing, dispensing any, including injection automatic dispensing machine, the speed is decided according to the effect of dispensing. The effect of dispensing accessories is decided the performance of dispensing machine.

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