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Spray dispensing valve is one of the most precise dispensing valves in dispensing industry. The imported type of spray dispensing valve is more expensive than the general dispensing equipment. The so-called one penny for one lot. The precision of using this valve can reach 0.001 mm. It can be used for spraying glue on the main board and mahjong painting and so on. It is used in Longmen dispensing machine.
Jet dispensing valve
Difference between domestic injection valve and imported injection valve
Demand for high-precision dispensing technology industry can use jet dispensing valve, although the imported type of jet valve is more expensive, but you can choose domestic jet dispensing valve, but the service life of the follow-up port has some differences, other aspects are basically the same, the price is much cheaper than imports, Chinese manufacturers have advanced The mouth spray dispensing valve is also available for sale with domestic injection valves.
Areas suitable for application
The general industry does not need to use spray dispensing valve, such as: data line glue, power supply glue, automotive parts sealing, and many industries do not need to use, can use automatic three-axis dispensing machine to complete the task, but some need to use advanced equipment, similar to gantry spray dispensing machine, such as The main board spray glue and mahjong spray paint, the use of suitable equipment, production will be faster.
Longmen dispensing dispenser
Installation of accessories for Longmen dispensing dispensers
The gantry spray dispensing machine is one of the large dispensing equipment, which is made of many advanced accessories. For example, the sensor is used as the control sensor in the spraying of glue on the motherboard, and the dispensing path control is very good. The visual dispensing controller is used in the spraying of mahjong, which is beneficial to the dispensing. Control paint spray, but also to identify mahjong patterns, intelligent production is relatively high, gantry spray dispensing machine will be more expensive than the general price, so can not choose or not choose, data line glue can choose automatic dispensing machine.
Precision dispensing valve
Advantage of jet valve in dispensing industry
The advantage of spray dispensing valve in the same dispensing valve is better, otherwise it will not need what high price, to meet the production demand for the industry dispensing is beneficial, this is also the reason for the selection of dispensing equipment, the cheapest dispensing equipment on the market is manual dispensing machine, a only need more than 100, production will be Non-large Limitations, dispensing effect is directly related to the industry for dispensing requirements, data line can use manual dispensing equipment, but the production efficiency can not be automatically dispensing equipment effect, the motherboard and mahjong can not be used, which is why the choice of gantry spray dispensing machine and spray dispensing valve.
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