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What dispensing valves do you need for visual automatic disp

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The current manufacturing industry needs to be applied to visual automatic dispensing machine to place more, mainly responsible for the packaging or dispensing docking work into visual positioning to achieve high quality automatic dispensing work, whether it is part of the package object or docking results are very good, some of the work parts automatic dispensing with visual function to strengthen the function of dispensing and, in an important case of dispensing valve.
The spray valve is an important parts to realize spraying, visual automatic dispensing machine assembly spray valve can achieve the spray work, whether it is the glue or other special fluid can pass through the spray valve processing for fog to point out, the spray valve can handle mainly low viscosity fluid, the coating area is wider working efficiency faster, suitable for some large the use of link objects glue. When the visual automatic dispensing machine equipped with spray valve, there is no need to perform Z axis mobile use is more convenient, and no contact dispensing dispensing process problems often appear in the drawing, the visual automatic dispensing machine further enhance the value of.
A two-component dispensing valve is also a visual automatic dispensing machine commonly used in processing a glue valve, is mainly used for processing the exact ratio of glue and catalyst, has the characteristics of high strength, small volume, light weight, suit to by lubricating two-component dispensing valve can perform various automatic dispensing, dispensing does not affect the long-term the normal use of the needle, can be a good deal of two-component glue properties, not only high material utilization and practicability is wider, cost-effective automatic dispensing valve.
The suction valve is mainly used to deal with the problem of leaking glue valve in the process of automatic dispensing. When the visual system detects glue glue dripping or glue drawing, the return valve will start up and suck back the bad glue.

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