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Hot sell recommendation: 2121Q trimming single liquid square

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Square dispensing valve is also known as thimble dispensing valve, dispensing accuracy is high, can reach 0.01mm, with fine-tuning dispensing function, selection will have better effect, many dispensing industry can use this dispensing valve, such as liquid crystal backlight dispensing, belongs to the current hot-selling, simple explanation square dispensing valve.
2121Q点胶阀 Application of 2121 point glue valve
2121 dispensing valve is one of the most widely used rubber valves in China. This is the recognition of its dispensing accuracy and quality. The choice of dispensing valve is also to meet the requirements of LCD backlight dispensing. Simple dispensing technology is difficult to meet its requirements. This is one of the reasons why square dispensing valve is chosen. Many people are interested in it. The square dispensing valve is not well understood.
In addition to the injection valve, the highest accuracy of dispensing is the domestic directional dispensing valve. There will be a fine-tuning knob for dispensing accuracy, which can control the amount of dispensing and control the amount of dispensing at 0.02mm. However, it needs a combination of dispensing needles to achieve high-precision dispensing effect. The demand for dispensing needles is quite high, which is different from the injection valve. Here.
Two modes of dispensing valve
Directional dispensing valve has two modes, one is micrometer mode and the other is knob mode. Both dispensing effects are very high. The difference lies in the control. Micrometer control is more high quality. There will be better choice to satisfy the high quality products. This is what square dispensing valve can meet the dispensing requirements of more industries. Only Only in liquid crystal backlight dispensing, the accuracy requirement is very high, the use of single liquid square dispensing valve is its recognition.
There are many types of glue that can be used for fine-tuning single-liquid square dispensing valves, such as epoxy resin, silver, UV glue and so on. Basic low, medium and high concentration glue can be used to meet the requirements of dispensing accuracy and various types of glue. What kind of core technology can be used to achieve this?

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