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Resuscitation pneumatic double-liquid dispensing valve uses

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Pneumatic double-liquid dispensing valve can use A-glue and B-glue, the proportion of which can be used is 1:1, 1:2, etc. The application industry can meet the demand, the minimum line width is 1 mm, the amount of glue can be adjusted according to the demand of the industry, which needs to use pneumatic double-liquid dispensing valve for terminal connector dispensing with double-liquid dispensing machine.
气动双液点胶阀 Terminal connector dispensing
The demand for dispensing glue for terminal connectors is very high, and the demand for glue is very large, so it is very easy to complete, and two kinds of glue are also needed to meet the demand for dispensing glue. The use of double-liquid glue is certainly inseparable from double-liquid dispensing valve, and the characteristics of the valve are not only this.
Dispensing accuracy of dispensing valve
双液点胶阀 The outlet of the double-liquid dispensing valve is 4.5mm, and the adjusting nut can adjust the glue, which can improve the accuracy of the glue. Then the mixing pipe can control the accuracy of the glue to a higher level, the dispensing effect of the terminal connector will be better, and the mixing degree of the glue can be strengthened. The dispensing machine is the core of the two. Accessories, the main dispensing effect is directly related to both.
The Method of Identifying Proportion
How to distinguish between 1:1 and 1:2 cards? The amount of glue produced is determined by the two kinds of glue output, so it can be observed that the glue outlet uses a 1:2 dispensing valve. Some industries need to use different proportions. The dispensing machine needs to operate for these requirements in order to meet the production needs. The terminal connector dispensing is the best example.
气动双液点胶阀 Double-liquid glue dispensing machine as a play, mainly lies in the pneumatic double-liquid dispensing valve play, if it can not be done, it is prone to problems, according to the dispensing accessories have a direct relationship, parts good dispensing effect will be good.

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