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Transparent 100cc new American dispensing syringe

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In the dispensing industry, we are increasingly demanding for dispensing machine accessories, like dispensing syringes, we are also demanding higher and higher for its workmanship. In recent years, the American dispensing syringe is very hot, and it is also used in conjunction with the dispensing syringe.
How to choose the right dispensing syringe:
The dispensing syringe needs to match the type of dispensing machine. When choosing dispensing syringe, we need to consider the properties of glue, the degree of glue stickiness and the chemical properties of glue. At present, the vast majority of industrial applications are transparent 100cc new type of American dispensing syringe. This dispensing syringe is applicable to a wide range of glue, but it is not suitable for the use of UV glue and other glue, because UV glue will be cured under the condition of receiving ultraviolet radiation, so it is not suitable for the use of transparent dispensing syringe. The choice of needle barrel depends on the situation. The dispensing needle is also used with the dispensing syringe, while the flexible needle can be matched with most dispensing needles.
Transparent 100cc new American dispensing syringe parameters:
Specifications: 100cc
Material: Special Plastics
Whether to process: Yes.
Product Name: American dispensing needle
New American dispensing syringe advantages:
1. High chemical resistance and durability
2. Low cost, convenient and practical
3. High precision, easy to process, more environmentally friendly than other materials.
Applications of dispensing syringes:
At present, dispensing syringes are widely used in dispensing industry, and are widely used in LED dispensing, navigation, aviation, mobile phones, computers, circuit boards, medical devices, semiconductor manufacturing, etc. With the continuous development of science and technology, more and more dispensing industries will be applied. The dispensing process and dispensing syringe are inseparable.

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