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Standard three axis automatic tabletop dispenser

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  Desktop dispensing machine is a standard dispensing equipment, which uses the traditional three-axis working platform to realize the three-dimensional space dispensing function. Whether the product is flat is not high, uneven products can still achieve dispensing, which can meet the dispensing technical requirements of a variety of products. The circuit board dispensing is one of them。
  As a standard machine platform, desktop dispensing machine can be equipped with many types of dispensing valves to achieve dispensing, such as 3131 dispensing valve, 2121 dispensing valve, plunger dispensing valve and jet dispensing valve, etc., which is convenient to select suitable production methods for dispensing requirements, glue viscosity and other factors in the industry, such as: solder paste on circuit board, due to the high viscosity of glue, the general dispensing valve can meet the requirements No, it needs to match the plunger type dispensing valve and other glue. It also needs to match the corresponding dispensing valve according to the glue requirements, so as to solve the glue problem.
  Characteristics of tabletop dispenser
  1. Using the famous silver guide rail in Taiwan, the machine has low moving noise and no error in moving process.
  2. All aluminum alloy supports have solid structure, corrosion resistance and long service life.
  3. The dispensing movement speed is fast, the operation speed is smooth, and the error value does not need to be adjusted throughout the day.
  4. It is assembled with domestic and foreign brand products, and the parts are smooth and durable.
  5. Customized production of the machine, 24-hour aging test, the machine is 100% in line with international standards.
  6. Module design: each part is assembled and can be replaced separately. If it is accidentally damaged, it can be replaced directly.
  7. For targeted production, although there is a desktop dispenser platform, accessories and fixtures are customized and meet the manufacturer's production requirements.
  Circuit board dispensing is just a case of desktop dispensing machine. There are many products that can achieve dispensing. Single component and two-component glues can be used for glues. The viscosity is less than 50000, and the two-component glues are less than 3:1. It is difficult to achieve dispensing again. The dispensing accuracy is in the range of 0.008mm to 5mm, and the storage of glues can be from 30cc (30ml) to 50L. Desktop dispensing machines in these ranges can achieve dispensing Spot dispensing, dispensing technology: points, straight lines, arcs, circles and irregular curves can achieve dispensing, preferably in the same plane, height is not required.
  Real picture of tabletop dispensing machine
Application industry
1. Dispensing of electronic products
2. Dispensing of plastic products
3. Dispensing of round products
4. Glue application of medical products
5. Dispensing in LED industry
Table top dispenser parameters
Machine model: zz-331 machine type: automatic dispensing machine
Dispensing accuracy: 0.08mm power source: stepper motor
Maximum running speed: 500mm / S; repeat accuracy: ± 0.01mm
Operating system constant control (three-axis control system) driving mode: runkang motor + synchronous belt
Dispensing range: 300 * 300 * 100mm (customizable); power supply and power: 220V 50 ~ 60Hz 350W
Machine size: 780 * 720 * 600mm machine weight: 65kg
File storage space can store 999 files maximum load: X / Y: 5kg Z: 10kg
Supporting documents: CAD, raw

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