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Automatic triaxial conductive glue applicator

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  The full-automatic three-axis conductive glue applicator is a targeted equipment, which mainly uses conductive glue. There are two types of conductive glue on the market, one component and two component. Bulk glue is generally packaged in barrels, while two-component glue is generally packaged in sticks, which are two dispensing methods. However, the full-automatic three-axis glue applicator can be modified to meet the dispensing standard.
  It is produced with three-axis structure. The stroke of the machine is 400mm * 400mm * 100mm. The stroke specification can be changed. The structure is desktop type, which can be matched with the assembly line or produced separately. The working platform is double axis. It can point multiple circuit boards at one time. According to the circuit board specification, it can place more or less products. It will be equipped with appropriate jigs and then control the dispensing parameters to ensure the dispensing effect.
  The precision of dispensing needle is to realize dispensing equipment according to the dispensing precision requirements. The dispensing valve cannot be customized according to the industry requirements, because the cost is too high. Every day, the three-axis dispensing machine will configure dispensing needle according to the requirements, which is the main way to solve the dispensing precision. The needle specifications are not often many, and the cost is low. In order to solve the requirements of conductive dispensing machine, appropriate dispensing valve can be configured And dispensing needles.
  We have a real three-axis dispenser for conductive glue dispensing, you can have a look if you need it! There is contact information on the homepage of the website, which can make machine quotation and product sample proofing. We have three-axis dispenser ready-made, only the jig is not available, which can be used for dispensing quickly. The price of three-axis dispenser is relatively low.

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