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Principle of Understanding Ambiguity: Our specific requirements should be clear and clear so that the understanding of suppliers will not lead to misunderstanding. For areas that may be unclear or incomprehensible, there are pictures, drawings and answers.

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Black glue is a kind of commonly used glue type. Its characteristics are: a little thick, mainly used in porcelain, chips and metals, etc., generally used for sealing, rarely used for bonding. According to its characteristics, the black glue dispenser...

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The flashlight double liquid dispensing machine is a semi-automatic dispensing machine, which adopts the manual dispensing mode, and the glue output is controlled by the machine. It is famous for its low cost. It can solve some dispensing technologies...

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Visual silver glue spraying machine is a kind of visual floor-mounted machine which can specially use silver glue spraying. It can realize high-precision glue coating technology. With the structure of floor-mounted glue spraying machine and high-end dispe.

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Visual dispensing machine is generally based on large machines. Today I will introduce you an online large-scale visual floor dispensing machine. It has super dispensing function, meets the modern production mode and meets the demand of online production..

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With the increasing trend of smartphone release, fingerprint recognition mobile phone has become the goal of various mobile phone manufacturers. In 2015, domestic manufacturers launched mobile phones with fingerprint recognition capabilities. Dispensing m.

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Using silver glue dispensing equipment, both desktop dispensing equipment and visual dispensing equipment, according to the requirements of silver glue dispensing to produce the corresponding LED silver glue dispensing equipment, silver glue dispensing is.

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COB can be understood as COB light source, while sealant is dispensing machine, vision is visual dispensing system, large-scale refers to large size, online meaning, can be interpreted as a large-scale visual COB sealant machine is an online visual high-p.

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As the name implies, the red glue coating machine is definitely a visual glue machine using red glue. The use requirements of red glue are as special as hot melt glue. Because it is often used for dispensing of electronic boards or chips, there is no way .

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The manufacturer of the medium-sized automatic dispensing machine can produce three types of dispensing equipment, including visual precision dispensing machine, desktop jet dispensing machine and three-axis automatic dispensing machine. The visual precis.

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