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Customizable visual non-standard AB dispenser

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Non-standard production is to manufacture dispensing machine according to the production needs of the industry, which can better dispensing production oh! We can find our customized visual non-punctuation AB dispensing machine, more in line with the needs of production oh, in production will be combined with the production characteristics of the dispensing industry, so that it can be integrated into the production line function.
Basic explanation of visual dispenser
Our visual dispensing machine belongs to a large machine, machine specifications: 1700*1370*1500 (unit: mm), large machine will use more accessories, can achieve better dispensing performance, dispensing effect will also increase, this is inevitable, non-punctuated AB dispensing machine production effect will be better, this is one of its advantages, ordinary visual dispensing machine is not up to date. To this effect.
Parameters of non-standard AB dispenser
Machine model: zz-fb-10 transmission mode: servo motor + ball screw
Xy acceleration: 1 g repetitive dispensing accuracy: +0.2%
Z speed: 200mm/s transfer speed: 1000mm/s
Maximum travel: X 400*Y 500*Y 100mm track number: silver double track
Transfer Weight: 4.5kg Vision System: High Definition Camera Imported from Germany
Operating system: Siemens PLC system operating system: computer system
xf881兴发手机版入口 Pressure requirements: 0.5-0.7 MPa
Applicable dispensing industry
These are the basic parameters of visual non-standard AB dispensing machine, among which the parameters to be used in industry dispensing need to be tested to know that there are many industries that can be applied with non-standard AB dispensing machine, such as: PCB board, FPC soft board, camera module, IC chip, component bottom filling, component packaging, semiconductor packaging, crystal element fixing, various types of coating can basically be solid. Now.
This visual dispensing machine has many advantages, such as uninterrupted dispensing function, continuous dispensing mode, dynamic dispensing and programming. These are the advantages of non-punctuated AB dispensing machine. The application and some unqualified dispensing industry can meet the production needs without the problem of dispensing or dispensing. If you have the demand, this dispensing machine can meet the production needs without the problem of dispensing or dispensing. The machine can dial our telephone service hotline directly: 13928403389.

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